Meet our engineering team: Ivan Makale

Ivan Makale, Senior Backend Engineer at ToolTime

ToolTime is the digital home for craftsmen businesses built by a group of curious minds from diverse cultures and backgrounds, working cross-functionally and connected by a shared passion.

In this Q&A series you will meet different members of our engineering team, get to know them a bit better and hear what they have to say about ToolTime and technology in general. Today we would like to introduce Ivan Makale, one of our software engineers.

What do you do? What is your position?

Hired as ”senior backend engineer”, mainly working on the backend side of our applications, even if there is not a rigid separation between frontend and backend in ToolTime, as people are encouraged to work full stack.

What led you to ToolTime? Why did you join?

Interesting company, promising business. Company in an early stage, in which you have the chance of influencing, shaping the technical approach.

The business is very solid and not subjected to economic cycles or the fashion of the moment: the work of technicians is always needed, it is mainly about essential services.

What is your favourite part about your role?

Designing software solutions. Team collaboration is always encouraged.

Where do you see the world of technology in 10 years?

I think the move from on-premise infrastructure to cloud services will continue, moving infrastructure more and more to external providers (like AWS, Google, Azure). I would expect the serverless approach to expand significantly, as companies try to delegate the complexities of IT infrastructure if possible, to focus on their business.

There are parts of the business world that have to catch up with IT adoption, especially small companies, so I would expect IT in those sectors to grow. This is exactly our case, where many small companies of technicians and what is around them have a big room for growing in their IT adoption.

Also IoT, of course, should be well expanded in 10 years, and it would be interesting if we could take some opportunity also with that in ToolTime.

What would your job be if computers did not exist?

I really don’t know. It would be a very different world. For example, I studied physics initially, before joining the IT sector, but it is not clear to me what kind of opportunities I could have had in physics in a world without computers.

What are you listening/reading/watching at the moment?

Mainly something to keep me up to date with IT subjects and to do some exercise in German (readings, movies). I recently subscribed to the Tagesspiegel and I manage to read only a small part of it.

Any last thoughts?

One important thing in my opinion. It is difficult to predict the future, nobody has a crystal ball, but there is one thing that is probably reasonable to expect from the future. The corona-crisis will not be the only one, let’s remember that we are also in a bigger context of climate crisis, likely to also cause some financial crisis. I think ToolTime is positioned in a  very solid business sector, its mission is to do something really useful, to solve problems. Other sectors that are good but, let’s say, less “essential”, like those related to tourism, travel, entertainment (at least part of it), could suffer much more than our business sector.

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